★ Proud Caesar - $12 - $40

Romaine lettuce tossed with vegan parmesan (nuts, hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, and seasonings), herb croutons and vegan caesar dressing.

★ Happy Bowl - $12 - $40

Romaine, shredded green and purple cabbage, shredded carrots and cucumber, cilantro, mint, almond pieces, your choice of brown rice or quinoa, paired with almond ginger dressing.


★ Coconut Curry Veggie Lentil - $14 - $50

Coconut milk, pink lentils, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, onion, garlic and seasonings.

★ Wellness Soup - $12 - $40

Vegetable broth, celery, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, noodles and seasonings. 

★ Creamy Potato Cauliflower - $12 - $40

Potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, onion, garlic and seasonings.

★ Stuffed Colorful Bell Pepper - $13 - $45

Lighly roasted bell pepper filled with steamed seasonal veggies, brown rice, cashew coconut amino sauce and seasonings. 


★ Vegetable or Meat Lovers Lasagna - $13 -$45

Layered yellow squash, zucchini, vegan cheese, mushrooms, eggplant, almond flour egg noodles spread with marinara and/or vegan pesto 

★ Stuffed Sweet Potato - $13 - $45

White sweet potato stuffed with tossed rainbow chard in garlic, butter or olive oil and seasonings, topped with pomegranate seeds, coconut chips, with black and/or green olives.

★ Mac N Gui’s “Mac N Cheez” - $13 - $45

Brown rice pasta, homemade plant based cheese with broccoli and /or green peas.


★ Coconut Vanilla Custard - $10

Coconut milk, eggs, vanilla bean, shredded coconut, stevia leaf. 

★ Muffins - $6/each or $15 for 3

★Blueberry - Gluten free flour blend, coconut cream, eggs, coconut sugar, blueberries and spices. 

★Cinnamon - Gluten free flour blend, coconut sugar, brown sugar, butter, eggs, pecans, cinnamon.

★Chocolate - Gluten free flour blend, coconut cream, eggs, coconut sugar, chocolate chips and spices. 

★ Chocolate Merengue Pie - $15 

Eggs, cocoa powder, meringue and butter.

★ Key Lime Pie - $15

  Graham crackers, butter, eggs, toasted coconut, condensed milk, key lime, cane sugar, whipped cream and salt. 

★ Cookies - $6

Gluten free flour blend, nut butter, coconut sugar, coconut oil, stevia sweetened chocolate chips, vanilla extract, stevia leaf extract.